New Year's Eve's done come and gone And you didn't make it home all night I'm tired of puttin' up with your cheatin' Two can play this game, alright Gonna put on my lowest-cut evenin' dress Paint my lips and my toenails red And before this night of fun is over Gonna get you outa my head I'm tired of all the broken promises And your girlfriends callin' the house Can't wait till they all get wise to you So I'm gonna tell 'em, you louse Gonna get my hair done at Cindy's With lotsa mousse and spray and curls By the time she's done, I'll be gorgeous And lookin' better than all of your girls Oh, I've done my share of flirtin' too But I never let it go to my head When I'm through with you, you'll be sorry And thinkin' you'd be better off dead I'll call my friend, Jan, and invite her To spend a little fun time with me We'll go to Wal*Mart™ and do us some shoppin' Then eat our fill with good ol' Captain D No, I don't plan to do me no cheatin' Cause I respect myself lots more than you I wouldn't wanna sink to your level But, leavin's what I'm aimin' to do Gonna get me a high-priced lawyer Then take you for all you've got Since I'm the only that's workin' You'll have to poop or get off the pot I should probably take a lesson from Lorena Don't wanna be commitin' no crime I'll go my way and you can go yours Cause I'm comin' out the winner this time Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© January 2, 2009 All Rights Reserved


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