The job market's not what it used to be Guess I'm a little behind the time Interviews used to be done in person Nowadays, we apply online Competition out there is something fierce Seems like most want younger folk The attitude of many seems to be That doing a good job is a joke The signs of our time seem to be That looking youthful is all the rage So they pass by those with experience And the wisdom that comes with age I can work rings around the youngsters And cut the mustard with all the rest But they tell me I'm overqualified And I usually go home depressed I'm interviewing at a gift shop today Getting my foot in the door was a hurdle So I'll put on my best bib and tucker Then squeeze into my tightest girdle I'll put on a layer of Sports Cream™ To hold down the arthritis pains Then a wig to hide my thinning hair Dark stockings on my varicose veins After I splatter on all my make-up I'm not a bad looking old broad You should have seen the others there All giggly and young and taut Yep, the manager said I'm overqualified He wasn't really thinking with his head Overlooking brains, he hired a pair of boobs He'll soon be disappointed, I bet Next week, I'll apply at Wal*Mart™ You'll probably see me there at the door I'll be the one at the greeting stand And chasing kids all around the store For now, I'll pamper my bunions Watch Law & Order on TV And worry about tomorrow when it comes Seems to always work for me Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© February 13, 2009 All Rights Reserved share with a friend

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