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The gardens were gone; fodder was shocked Johnson Bottom had grown a mite stale School had started; fall was in the air The only excitement being junk mail Mother and Daddy and Milton and June Decided to liven things up a bit And throw a party in our coal camp Before the snows of winter hit There was never a need for invitations In our part of Freeburn town What with all the back-fence gossip The word eventually got around The night of the party was rowdy With all the pickin' and grinnin' going on Peanut kept time on his moonshine jug And Granny's washboard joined the fun RC Cola™ and potted meat sandwiches Covered a table set up in the lane Along with vegetables from the garden The smell was like a sweet refrain Nettie and Pope and the youngins rolled in From the north, up Michigan way Pope had a job in an auto plant But their Kentucky roots held sway Stub Dotson showed up a little late 'Cause his buckboard had thrown a wheel Aunt Vicey and Melvin Duckworth came In their new-fangled automobile The boys played marbles and mumbly peg By the light of the moon that night Billy Joe couldn't win for losing We all knew he was none too bright Preacher Cook called the square dance As the youngins stomped the dust The Maynard sisters sat on the porch Rocking all the babies that fussed Junior and Jerry and Clifford Rose Turpentined the neighborhood mutt Granny Thacker spit and laughed so hard We thought she had busted a gut When Carl and Dennis set off a firecracker Uncle Howard grabbed hold of his chest Doc Bentley checked him out and found It was gas, not a cardiac arrest Our little corner of the world was swinging The next day, it looked a sight Yep, that coal camp was really jumping On that Johnson Bottom Saturday night Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© August 31, 2009 All Rights Reserved

Midi Picking by Harry Todd

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