Sitting on the front porch of an evening Everybody's gone now, except for me Ma and Pa died; the youngins moved away Fond memories just won't let me be Though my body is old now and feeble Wraiths of the past years still bind My failing eyesight sees them clearly Like a movie screen flashing in my mind Here lately, I've fallen on hard times And the cabin's in terrible disrepair Every nook and cranny holds a memory As I let my old heart wander there Ma and all us girls cooking supper Pa and the boys getting in wood Took the whole passel to make a living Times sure were hard then, but good Pa and the neighbors built this cabin Cold in winter; hot in the summertime With a lot of sweating and loving All us youngins turned out just fine Living up this holler is so peaceful There's no other place I'd rather be Got most everything an old woman needs And I reckon that's good enough for me Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© March 6, 2009 All Rights Reserved