Our Daddy sure loved his music And could play most anything He always went around whistling And urged all us kids to sing Most of the families living 'round us Had people who could pick and grin It was a cheap form of entertainment And let us get together with friends Oh, how I wished I could play the guitar And Daddy was eager to teach Showing me C and F and G7 When my fingers could barely reach Daddy would tune up his old guitar And hand his mandolin to me There sat Lena with the banjo Just strumming while her fingers hung free Daddy worked out a special signal To let me know which chord to play He would nod in different directions I still remember them to this day The years flew by and I learned to play But couldn't master the art of tuning I'd lug my guitar to Daddy's house And we'd end up picking and crooning Tightening the tuners on the headstock Can get you slapped in the face by a string But after that happened a time or two I finally learned to tune that thing Most of us youngins and our offspring Learned to play several instruments Lena finally mastered the banjo Don't know where those good times went My first guitar cost twelve ninety-five And was a valued treasure somehow I have umpteen musical instruments That mostly stand silent now When we all get to Heaven, if God allows The McCoy family can all hold sway Nine voices will ring out loud and clear With guitars picking I'll Fly Away Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© July 28, 2009 All Rights Reserved

Gloria Canfield
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