Waking from a restless sleep My eyesight somewhat blurred Thinking I was dreaming still When a familiar voice I heard A vision appeared in a glowing mist Like someone I had seen before She called my name and offered her hand "Come with me," she implored. Trying to calm my racing heart And fighting the cobwebs in my brain I let the woman firmly clasp my hand And became a little girl again It was then I recognized our Mother As she led me toward a mansion fair She was showing me around Heaven And how it would be when I got there Grandma Herald was at the kitchen table Serving her warm, homemade apple pies Looking just the way that I saw her last That old-time sparkle still in her eyes All her children were gathered 'round her This loving family in a setting serene Grandpa Lafayette reading from his Bible Like in a photograph I'd seen I hardly recognized Grandpa Jake No longer old, stooped and forlorn He introduced me to Grandma Dolly Who died years before I was born Looking around the room for Daddy Hoping to see his siblings too And there he was with his guitar I was glad to know he made it through As Mother guided me through each room A feeling of gladness overtook my soul There were Lena, Luke, Cassell and Juanita Smiling aunts and uncles, healthy and whole Soon, Mother kissed me and said I had to go This journey home was just a preview But the loving wraiths of my yesterdays Would be there waiting to help me through Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© March 10, 2009 All Rights Reserved

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