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Seating herself in a large recliner Feeling more than a little uneasy Nerve endings seemingly tied in knots The light breakfast making her queasy Surrendering to the feeling of weakness Still aching with post-surgical pains She remembers the path that led her here As the poison drips into her veins The terrible disease had overtaken her At a time when it was least expected Now, she struggles with chemotherapy So that her body can be protected Undergoing the scheduled treatments Will hopefully put her on the mend She relies on family and the grace of God And the help of her dearest friend One night, as she stands in the shower Checking carefully for random lumps To her horror, she looks down and sees Her lovely hair falling out in clumps Her reflection in the bathroom mirror Reveals a woman bald and pale and weak She prays to God to grant her strength And the healing she desperately seeks The weeks and months run together Her life consists of misery and pain Yet she knows she must finish the race To make her body healthy again Popping pills and taking injections To alleviate the many side effects It seems there are no surprises left But she wonders what will happen next The last treatment finally behind her Her ravaged body beaten into submission When she gets the news she's been working for And learns her cancer is in remission Though she knows she's a cancer survivor That statistics say she may regress She thinks not of what tomorrow may bring But prays to God for continued success Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© February 4, 2009 All Rights Reserved

©What Wondrous Love
Written, Arranged & Sequenced by Maury Baggett
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