The Earth has made another turn It's that November holiday When friends and family gather 'round To give thanks and celebrate It's a crisp, sunny day in Georgia Autumn leaves crunch beneath our feet Tater and Emmit and Shadow and Sally Happily chomp on their doggie treats Rocky's house is thick with aroma Familiar smells waft from the kitchen From pies and sides and turkey on the grill With a pulley bone made for wishing Liz serves crackers and spinach dip While Mom and the boys tend the victuals We're celebrating Tim's birthday too Another November family ritual Jennifer sits and grades her papers Seems a teacher's work is never done Grandchildren playing in the backyard Throw a ball and watch Sally run With dinner and family pictures behind us A cozy nap keeps beckoning me The others pile up on the couches To watch the Dallas game on TV Just another day with the family Full of food and fun and pranks For each other, always grateful Counting our blessings and giving thanks Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© November 9, 2009 All Rights Reserved Share


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