Art © Mark Keathley - Sapphire Designs

Pleasant weather comes and goes
Then we chill from winter's woes
My mind holds memories of many years
Recalling laughter, joy and tears

Filling a washtub at the pump
With sister, Lena, nicknamed "Bump"
Wading water up to our knees
Holding dress tails in the breeze

Seven children having fun
After all the chores were done
Never minding summer heat
Walking with tin cans on our feet

A boisterous game of three-eyed-cat
Waiting for my turn at bat
Splashing happily in the creek
After dark, playing hide and seek

Looking for a shooting star
As Daddy tuned his old guitar
Voices singing in the night
Watching fireflies take flight

Counting cars passing on the road
Remembering Mother as she sewed
Washing dirty canning jars
Daddy bringing candy bars

Nehi™ bottles filled with Kool-Aid™
Potted meat sandwiches Mother made
Junior fixing a cut on Danny's head
Fresh, cold milk with gritted bread

Often recalling in bits and pieces
The baby shoe that once was Reese's
An old worn doll Cheryl used to mother
Bon's old trike that was like no other

Oh, how my old mind loves to wander
We'll meet again just over yonder
Mother, Daddy and Lena are gone
But in my heart, we're still at home

Kathleen McCoy Eldridge©
June 28, 2009
All Rights Reserved

Image  Mark Keathley
Harry Todd
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