Oftentimes, pictures float through my mind Like random snippets from a video Filling my head with fleeting thoughts Of memories from long ago A tree that sported a tire swing That soared out over the creek The year that we were five years old And Carl kissed me on the cheek Falling into the chicken coop While learning to ride a bike The day Junior shot the rattlesnake The time Bon sold her trike Chocolate fudge that never hardened Kids eating it from a spoon Beans and potatoes; potatoes and beans Hide-and-seek by the light of the moon Easter eggs hidden in the garden A front yard where grass never grew Having to hide Junior's mandolin The best Christmases we ever knew Cheryl selling her hoe to Doug Billy Spending the nickel that it brought Danny hiding his by the chimney Childhood schemes that were all for naught Helping Mother with the housework Remembering all the sewing she did Lena was scared of Uncle Bud's stuttering When he visited, she always hid The scathing burn on Cheryl's hand An army cot bought for eight cents Dressie looking in Daddy's window The pony knocking down the fence The awful cut on Reese's foot The huge buckeye Lena found Losing two pennies out of a dime Riding the merry-go-round Hanging clothes in the wintertime As they freeze-dried on the lines The weary look on Daddy's face When he was laid-off from the mines Using the outhouse no matter the weather No toilet paper; making do with a cob Trying to fly from the coal house roof Learning Basil Brown quit his job Hiding behind the bedroom door Cutting off Cheryl's locks Singing with Lena at the bus stop Wading the creek and skipping rocks A little toy tractor by the name of Clyde And a pet turtle called Tightrope Sitting on the front porch when it stormed Eating home grown cantaloupe Enjoying those times whenever I choose Transcending both time and space As long as my mind can think and dream They will always have a special place Like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle All those fragments are so dear to me When I open my heart and close my eyes And relive the past through my memory Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© February 10, 2009 All Rights Reserved

Scarborough Fair
Sequenced by Barry Taylor
Taylor's Traditional Tunebook

The lady and watch in top image is from My Misted World.
The rest of the images are from my personal files.