I wonder why, in retrospect We see things so much clearer Each time I think of long ago I hold those memories dearer The grown-up world can be so free Viewed with the eyes of youth Not feeling the stress of every day Nor aware of hurtful truth Working hard, without complaint Was our Daddy's lot in life Feeding and clothing seven kids Paying bills and supporting a wife Baseball games on the radio Were his only recreation Of all the coal our Daddy mined He never went on a vacation How I wish my ears could hear Daddy playing his guitar again I never hear him whistle now But my heart feels that refrain Recalling times both good and bad My mind plays sweet reviews I know I'd fail if I had to walk Just a mile in Daddy's shoes Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© January 23, 2009 All Rights Reserved

Where Did the Good Times Go?
Sequenced by Bob Sorem
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