At times, I get quite frustrated With the advertising on T.V. I understand they have their place But commercials can infuriate me One fellow who's on many channels Ticks me off with the way he yells Makes me glad I have a mute button So I never buy the items he sells I must say I like the convenience Of browsing and shopping online But I've gotten my share of rip-offs It's my fault and that's just fine I usually check out merchandise Where I can see it, touch it, smell it Stores put their best stuff on display If they really want to sell it Though I have more junk than I'll ever use I hate to give it or throw it away Just as sure as I do, I'll need it And it'll come in handy one day Two for one deals make me listen up And always get my attention for sure I take the bait to save a dollar or two When they say, "But wait; there's more!" Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© March 16, 2009 All Rights Reserved share

Margi Harrell

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