Something about the crisp, winter air
Brings out the nostalgia in me
My mind replays times in the past
That still dwell in my memory

One by one, the years race by
As if portrayed on a movie screen
I see us cutting our Christmas trees
In a forest of white and green

Bundled in snowsuits, caps and mittens
The boys happily playing in the snow
Throwing snowballs and rolling downhill
Begging to stay when we had to go

Logs piled up outside the back door
The top layer all covered in white
Freezing fingers prying them apart
For a fire to last through the night

Snuggling under a pile of homemade quilts
Teeth chattering and trying to get warm
Listening to his gentle, contented breath 
As the wind ushered in another storm

Counting my blessings far into the night
Dreaming dreams of the holidays to come
My mind drifting farther back in time
Remembering Mother and her gentle hum

Hearing Daddy's laughter and constant whistling
Still recalling the many jokes he told
Around the fireplace blazing hot and red
That still couldn't ward off the cold

Icicles, snow cream and hot steaming cocoa
Sliding and skating on the frozen creek
Snow angels and snowmen dotting the yard
Sparking winter memories so unique

Good times, bad times, happy and sad 
Slowly pass in review through my mind
Frozen in memory like a cold, winter day
Recalling ties that forever bind

Kathleen McCoy Eldridge©
September 6, 2008
All Rights Reserved


Snow Effect by Kurt Grigg
Courtesy of Dynamic Drive

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