Hurrying along on the sidewalk The blustery wind freezing my nose Feeling the temperature of forty degrees And a frostbitten feeling in my toes Trying to get home before my bones turn to ice Hearing the snow crunch under my feet Thinking all I need is some freezing rain To make this cold, winter scene complete It's funny that we see things differently And how, with age, our outlooks change When I was young, I loved winter weather It didn't seem the least bit strange I sometimes find it hard to believe That I had so much fun in the snow Such chilling memories still enter my mind Though it was many long years ago Ah, for childhood and the joys it brought So many brothers and sisters for playing Skating, sledding, throwing snowballs And Kentucky hills made for sleighing Slipping and sliding on the frozen creek Staying out just as long as we could Even with the chores we all had to do Like bringing in water, coal and wood Guess I'll enjoy the cold weather in memory Let the young folk embrace the winter chill Sit in front of the fire with a cup of cocoa And take another arthritis pill Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© October 3, 2008 All Rights Reserved

Let It Snow
Holiday & Christmas Midis

Snow Script by Kurt.Grigg