See the leaves of red and gold Tumbling to the ground Hear the scampering of a squirrel Hiding a nut he found Listen to the chirping of the birds As toward the south they fly Watch the farmers clear the fields And shock the fodder to dry Smell the aroma from the kitchen As vegetables and fruits are cooking Being readied for the freezer And tasting when no one's looking Listen to the rustle of the stream As it flows to who-knows-where See the reflections crystal clear Of Mother Nature's love affair Feel the days so gentle and warm Shudder when the nights are cool Rake the leaves and trim the roses Put the cover on the pool Fill the wood box to the hilt To warm us when winter's nigh Clean the chimney; sweep the hearth We'll surely need it by and by Days are shorter; nights are long Soon the holidays will dawn Time will pass; the Earth will turn Another autumn will be gone Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© October 14, 2008 All Rights Reserved



Sentimental Reasons
Sequenced by Bill Basham
Diversi-Tune™ Midi Files

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The painting used to create this set is called Bridging the Seasons
by Tom Sierak and is used with permission.