For Cheryl Lotsa good smells a-comin' from the kitchen All the womenfolk is in there a-cookin' So hungry my belly is a-fixin' to growl Snitched a tater when Ma wasn't lookin' The moonshine jug's pert nigh empty Pa and the boys is actin' kinda plucky Staggerin' too much fer this time o' day Ma won't notice iffin they's lucky Warshed my hands and smoothed my hair lick Jest as Ma hollered y'all come and git it Ever'body knows what's my favorite part Shore hope I'm a-gonna git it Ever'body's seated; blessin's done said Ma makes the best vittles I ever tasted Got a great big family; we'll eat it all up So's none of the turkey's ever wasted Gramps likes to git the pulley bone Then make a wish and we all laugh Takes his good teeth outa his pocket With the first chomp, eats 'bout half Granny tuck the gizzard and the liver Uncle Harmon and Jake tuck the thighs Ma and the platter's jest two chairs away Gonna git a piece, I reckon, by and by Finally my turn to do the pickin' Little sister almost tuck it, by heck Napkin's on my lap; mouth's a-waterin' So let me at that big ol' turkey neck Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© November 2, 2008 All Rights Reserved


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Comin' Round The Mountain
Sequenced by Bruce M. Bowman
Banjo Midi Music