For Our Mother Birds peck the ripe persimmons Firm and orange in the autumn sun The morning frost has melted Another busy day has begun Mother's engaged in housework Daddy has gone to the mines The school bus ran a while ago A sleeping baby still reclines She washes clothes on the Maytag™ In the kitchen by the hot cook stove Cleans the junk from the boys' jeans The pockets a treasure trove Hanging the clothes on lines outside Makes them smell so clean and fresh Her rough hands freeze when the air is cold While chill bumps cover her flesh She has to decide which bills to pay Knowing Daddy's pay won't stretch And ward off collectors at the door There's still the dry clothes to fetch She stirs a big pot of pinto beans That have simmered on the stove all day Then hunts for enough potatoes to peel Trying to keep the toddlers at bay With everyone full and the water hot The supper dishes have to be done Two dishpans and two older daughters Give a respite from that bit of fun There's wood to cut and coal to tote And water to pump for the morning meal Homework to do and kids to bathe A ton of mending that holds no appeal Tomorrow the ironing has to be done She works it in among other chores Oh, what she would give for a day of rest Relaxing in the swing outdoors Doing the same work day in, day out With a screaming baby to serenade She never had to work outside the home Yes, our Mother sure had it made Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© November 16, 2008 All Rights Reserved

Mother and Danny

Performed by Margi Harrell