Gotta say I'm pretty special Been called the cat's meow Though I'm gettin' sorta long in the tooth I can still show the young folks how In my earlier days, I was quite a looker And got used to bein' much desired To heck with modesty and playin' coy I'll admit it; I liked to be admired Always confident, though maybe a tad vain If I saw somethin' purty, I wanted it By hook or by crook, I always came through I had it and I sure flaunted it I'm still a pretty savvy old lady Never lacked none for self-esteem Don't like to settle for second best Why be milk when you can be the cream? Yep, I still like to shake my booty a mite At the home where the geezers hang out I like to flirt and call 'em all honey That's what havin' fun's all about So armed with lipstick and a pushup bra I can overcome any old hurdle And come out lookin' like a million bucks With the help of a wig and a girdle Fellas know a good thing when they see it Some are even still sharp enough to spot it Political correctness be hanged, I'm a-lookin' fine And, by cracky, this old gal's still got it Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© August 17, 2008 All Rights Reserved