Tis the season It's the reason A holiday beyond compare Reindeer pawing Santa guffawing Sounds of Christmas in the air Footsteps crunching Goodies munching Adding on those New Year pounds Cards we're getting Mailman fretting As he makes his daily rounds Popcorn popping Wood we're chopping To crackle in the fireplace bright Candles glowing Crafts we're sewing On this blustery winter night Lights are twinkling Snowflakes sprinkling Christmas Day will be here soon Reindeer prancing Happy toes dancing Elves whistling a merry tune Turkey roasting Downhill coasting In the cold and frosty breeze Candles glowing Amaryllis growing Ice forming on the trees Grandpa snoring Eggnog pouring Little voices whispering low Sleigh bells ringing Children singing Playing in the frigid snow Reindeer flying People buying Gifts of love for one and all Presents wrapping Toes are tapping No parking places at the mall Cookies baking Snowballs making Golden bells with a sweet refrain Thanking our Savior We're alive to savor The sounds of Christmas once again Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© November 23, 2008 All Rights Reserved