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Slipping And Sliding
Getting off the school bus in winter Was always some kind of adventure But of all the tales there are to tell To me, this one's the clincher Johnson Bottom boasted two large bridges There was one at each end of the camp We never got to ride the bus across And had to walk down the Dotson ramp It was a week or so before school let out For the much awaited Christmas vacation Kids chattering about toys and candy and such What a marvelous, heady sensation We got off the bus a little late that day Throwing snowballs as we skated along Melodious tones of children's laughter Rang like bells in a Christmas song Deciding we had better hurry on home The three of us took a big run-and-go Underestimating the layer of ice Glistening menacingly under the snow Then Junior started slipping and sliding Like a fool, I grabbed onto his coat Poor Lena was tumbling close behind Yelling and hollering like a Nanny goat I hung onto brother as we slid down the hill Snot was pouring from Junior's nose I dropped my books and my hat flew off Lena squalled she couldn't feel her toes Rolling like snowballs in an avalanche We all landed in a heap at the bottom I was bawling about my books when Junior said "Don't worry, little sis, I got 'em!" None the worse for wear, we started again Still enjoying that Kentucky weather Laughing and frolicking as kids often do In the snow that was light as a feather Junior and I are old now and Lena's gone Yet such memories keep old minds young I hope I'll always be fun and young at heart Until my last song on Earth is sung Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© November 30, 2008 All Rights Reserved Share This Page

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ACW Inspirations