Jack Frost on the window panes Little boys wishing for choo-choo trains Snowflakes falling from the sky Neighbors smiling as they walk by Children sitting on Santa's knee Making their wishes happily Their little faces all aglow Pink and rosy from the snow Yummy smells from the kitchen waft Watching snowflakes white and soft Sending dozens of Christmas cards Manger scenes in all the yards Ribboned packages of green and red Tiny ones dreaming in their bed Sharing secrets whispered low Lovers under the mistletoe Candles and holly on the mantle tall Eggnog and cocoa for one and all Bells and tinsel on the tree Choirs are singing joyfully Enjoying the warmth of the firelight Telling stories into the night Evergreens keeping snowbirds warm Icicles blowing from the latest storm Making a snowman big and round Songs from carolers abound Rejoicing in this happy season Mindful of the Heavenly reason Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© November 16, 2008 All Rights Reserved

Image: ©kuleczka/BIGStock