Momma dragged Lindy Lou to a party Being held at Momma's Aunt Stella's The young girl knew she was going to be bored At a party without any fellas Lindy Lou never cared much for housework Momma's heart filled with frustration Her only interest was in chasing boys Much to her Momma's consternation The girl half-heartedly stitched the quilt And kept pricking her fingers with the needle But Momma was determined she'd learn to sew No matter how much Lindy Lou wheedled Smelling something delicious from the kitchen And anxious to see what was cooking Lindy saw her chance and stole away When she knew the women weren't looking Following her nose to the kitchen Lindy quietly opened the door When she saw a fella standing at the stove Her dimpled chin almost hit the floor With a few shy questions, she found out He was a friend of Stella's girl, Dot 'Twas love at first sight for the couple Within a month, they had tied the knot Since Lindy Lou married her dream man She doesn't have to sew or cook Hubby cooks and Momma does the sewing And that's really Okay in her book Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© November 13, 2008 All Rights Reserved

A quilting party at the home of
Frank & America McCoy of Kentucky