She sat alone before the fire Her mind in a thoughtful mode Recalling one who means so much And the love that he bestowed It was their favorite time of year Holidays always spent together Filled with the warmth of enduring love Despite the fiercely cold wintry weather He brought cocoa from the kitchen A big, steaming mug for each With marshmallows floating on the top Homemade cookies within reach Talking lovingly about the children They'd all be home on Christmas day With laughter ringing throughout the house Wishing it could always be that way Tree lights twinkled; candles flickered From the radio, soft music played Putting another log on the dwindling fire He gave her the gift he had made Holding hands far into the night She awoke to find he had gone Leaving the warmth of the empty mug And a whiff of cologne in the dawn As if by a miracle, her aching heart Was filled with his powerful essence For she knew she had just received The ultimate in Christmas presence Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© December 4, 2008 All Rights Reserved

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Keep Christmas With You
Sequenced by Ron Tilden
Jack's Midi Music

Copyright by Crystal Clear Creations 2000/2008