I've always dreamed of celebrating Christmas
Like the ones we often see on T.V.
Pictures in storybooks and movies
Show holidays the way they should be

Oh, to bundle up and go out riding
In a sleigh with the one that I love
Snuggled under a colorful Afghan
And a bright winter moon up above

A home decorated with candles and lights
The smell of good food from the kitchen
A freshly-cut tree with gifts underneath
Sure sets my old heart to wishing

I can see the bright red in a fireplace
Softly glowing and warming up our toes
But my dreams of an old-fashioned Christmas
Must remain in my heart, I suppose

For, you see, I've become a modern woman
Who thrives on central air and heating
And would rather have a range and a microwave
To make all the goodies I'll be eating

I don't relish the thought of that horse doo
After shivering in a one-horse open sleigh
Or doing without the modern conveniences
That I've come to rely on today

I would hate to heat water for bathing
Or wear flannel and heavy socks to bed
And build a daily fire in the cook stove
Give me gas and electric instead

The warmth of a fireplace excites me
But it pales if I have to chop the wood
I'd rather have my firewood delivered
The hot cocoa still tastes just as good

I remember so many cold winters
Wind whistling through the cracks 'round the door
Don't want to go back and do it all again
'Cause I've been there and done that before

I'd much rather go riding in my warm car
Forget the vision that a sleigh ride imparts
I guess the celebration of Christmas
Really depends on what we feel in our hearts

Kathleen McCoy Eldridge©
September 25, 2008
All Rights Reserved