Shadows deepen as daylight fades Twinkling stars seem to dance in your eyes Heartbeats whisper of love's sweet refrain 'Neath the peaceful glow of September skies Falling leaves rustle in a gentle wind Autumn moonlight surrounds your sweet face Feeling as one with nature's beauty Enveloped in your warm, strong embrace Night sounds far off in the distance Lovers stroll in this magical setting Storing memories to last us a lifetime Times we won't soon be forgetting It's too early in the evening to light the lamps Yet too dark to see clear and true But morning will break all fresh and bright As the sunbeams steal away the dew Time passes and the present is waning Slowly, the calendar's pages will turn Always remembering autumn in the moonlight For your sweet love, forever to yearn Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© August 23, 2008 All Rights Reserved

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