She walks alone at the break of dawn On a path well-trodden and worn Wiping the tears from her swollen eyes Recalling another misty autumn morn Bundled in his sweater threadbare and old The slight fragrance of his cologne Wafts gently in the morning air Harshly reminding her that he's gone They met in the fall on a day like this Heart smiling as she remembers Until a cloud of sadness overtakes Mourning him for seven Novembers Gone are the hopes and plans and dreams Facing a future desolate and bare Without the warmth of love's embrace He would never again be there Unable to move from this lonely place She cries aloud in the morning breeze Her answer comes from a gentle voice Through the rustling of dying leaves Weak from crying; tired from walking Shuffling feet making a crunching sound She falls to her knees and bows her head Suddenly knowing where hope can be found Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© November 7, 2008 All Rights Reserved

  I Have Dreamed
Sequenced by Bill Basham
Diversi-Tune" Midi Files

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