Erma Paisley was aging and set in her ways And had never had a serious beau Was perfectly happy just being an old maid Till she met Mr. Herbert J. Boudreaux He was the new clerk at the butcher shop Erma spied him at the window display Decided to buy herself a chicken for dinner So she could do a little flirting that day Six widows and spinsters were waiting In a long line that stretched to the door And the owner was happily smiling To see such excitement in his store Reckon I'll have a lot of stiff competition Erma thought as she mumbled to herself I'll show this whole town I've still got it This old gal won't be left on the shelf She invited Herbert for dinner on Sunday It would be a whole month from today Seems his dance card was filled up already While the spinsters and the widows held sway When it was finally her day to entertain him Miss Paisley really did things up right Then he tried to get a little too familiar And she threw his butt out into the night The headline on Monday told a story Of a con man whose words dripped with honey He got engaged to six widows and spinsters And skipped town with all of their money Sure glad I didn't fall for his sweet talk Erma thought as she chuckled to herself I'm right back where I was when I found him Got all my money and I'm still on the shelf Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© November 14, 2008 All Rights Reserved


Margi Harrell