I have found as I get older My mind drifts more to the past I wouldn't want to live it over Just keep the memories I've amassed I married half a century ago The time seems to have flown My babies who grew up all too soon Have homes and families of their own The mirror tells another tale Of times both happy and sad The face of my mother now looks at me With the furrows and wrinkles she had My body feeling young and carefree As through the autumn colors I wander Holding steadfastly to the long ago Too precious for time to squander Feeling cool raindrops on my face As I allow my soul to digress Reflecting on those fifty years Filled so often with happiness An old video plays in my mind As I stroll in the gentle rain Reliving those cherished treasures In my heart's own memory lane Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© September 22, 2008 All Rights Reserved





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