Let me keep an open mind, Lord And not judgmental be Help me not to be unkind, Lord With a heart that’s stayed on thee Let me always keep the faith, Lord With ne’er a doubt nor fear And trust in what you saith, Lord For all that life holds dear Let me live in the light of your love, Lord A shining example to others be And when I go with you above, Lord Keep my soul as one with thee Let me help to spread the word, Lord Make pure faith shine in my eyes And float as freely as a bird, Lord To my home beyond the skies Teach me to forgive, Lord To always turn the other cheek Let me give all I can give, Lord My inheritance be with the meek Let me always follow thee, Lord And with the faithful remain So that I may ever be, Lord With my loved ones, once again Please let me always know, Lord That thy mercy will abound And wherever I may go, Lord Thy forgiveness can be found Let me give my all to thee, Lord Keep me always in thy care So when life ceases to be, Lord I may dwell with thee up there Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© August 24, 2008 All Rights Reserved