When life seems to hand you lemons
And your spirit is feeling low
Make yourself a pitcher of lemonade
Let it go

If all your friends forsake you
And fear takes over your soul
Just turn your eyes toward Jesus
Let it go

If you have a wounded spirit
And the tears begin to flow
There is help if you only seek it
Let it go

When satan comes to stalk you
And doubt begins to show
Just put that demon behind you
Let it go

When loneliness engulfs you
And no one holds you close
Go to Jesus' outstretched arms
Let it go

If you have no one to talk to
And heavy burdens seem to grow
Take all your cares to Jesus
Let it go…

…and let God!

Kathleen McCoy Eldridge©
December 31, 2008
All Rights Reserved




Let Your Glory Shine
Words by Larry A. Hamblen
Music by David Lassiter
Copyright © 2000 Hamblen & Hamblen Music
All Rights Reserved