She met him at the Snowflake Ball They waltzed the night away With midnight fast approaching On the dance floor, they held sway She had handed him her dance card He signed his name on every line Protesting that he was too bold She smiled and said, "That's fine." Strolling along the promenade Falling in love at first sight At twelve, he asked her to marry him On that magical, winter night They had fifty loving years together And on the fifty-first New Year's Eve He faded away as she held his hand Tearfully begging him not to leave Saying, "I cannot live without you." "Please take me with you, dear." He wiped a tear from her rosy cheek And said, "I'll see you again next year." She sat alone at the midnight hour As the clock chimed in the New Year His gentle breath caressed her lips And softly said, "I'm here." "I've come to take you with me. And I only have a little time." He took her hand; she breathed her last As the clock sounded one last chime Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© December 31, 2008 All Rights Reserved