Always remember your upbringing Is a phrase that still rings in my ears Of all the things learned at Daddy's knee I've remembered that throughout the years Born and raised in Appalachia The mode of living was hand to mouth Leaving his dad's home when just a boy After his stepmother forced him out Daddy worked hard but he always had time To teach us music and to train our voices We'd sing evenings in the old porch swing The night air ringing with joyful noises Never forgetting where he had come from Trying to make life better for us all Slightly stooped from carrying a heavy load To me, he seemed ten feet tall Such a hard life made Daddy humble Yet he was tough when he needed to be Eking out a living in the coal mines Succumbing to black lung, a deadly disease In my heart, my Daddy's still singing Precious Memories and I'll Fly Away And if God lets us meet in His heavenly home We will harmonize again someday Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© September 22, 2008 All Rights Reserved