Lord, I seek You in this quiet place
Where Your presence, I always find
Maker of the Heavens and Earth
To assuage my troubled mind

When life brings grief and sadness
And friends who disappoint
Please help me in my time of need
With Your heavenly blessing anoint

The rustle of a gentle stream
The happy chirping of the birds
Lull me to a place of peace
As I listen to Your comforting words

I know Your loving arms embrace me
I feel Your strong hand in mine
As You calm my heart and feed my soul
By the spirit of Your love divine

Thank You for Your friendship, Lord
And for Your help when I'm in pain
When my cup is empty and my body weak
Here, I will seek You once again

Kathleen McCoy Eldridge©
September 6, 2008
All Rights Reserved

July, 2008