Golden Memories

Autumn rings in golden memories Of our careful, youthful days That's when I like to go home again In my mind's eye, it's still ablaze Before school started each September We had a weenie roast in the lane Between the Fletchers' house and ours Ah, to see them all once again The girls made a place for the bonfire After the leaves were raked and burned The boys went hunting for lots of dry twigs And made the fire when they returned Mother and June rocked on the porch To make sure all the kids behaved The World Series was on the radio That Daddy listened to every day A stray dog made off with a weenie Took off in a break neck run Everyone started laughing so hard That Bee Bee swallowed her gum Junior started jumping over the fire Benny claimed he could go higher Taking a run-and-go, as he leaped His left shoe landed in the fire Benny was wearing his brand new shoes They had to get it out and quick Jerry quickly wrangled it out With the help of a marshmallow stick Oh, the songs we sang and the jokes we told Making memories in the firelight's glow Storing them all in our heart of hearts To take with us wherever we go Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© October 30, 2008 All Rights Reserved Share

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