Folks say I'm getting senile
That I should be put away
Others think I'm plumb crazy
Well I don't see it that way

I'll admit I'm a little bit different
Don't subscribe to the so-called norm
I have my own way of doing things
I'm just not one to conform

I follow all the laws on record
Never drive above the posted speed
Vote in every election
And the niceties and courtesies I heed

But I have to draw the line somewhere
Guess I just yearn to be me
So I wear white shoes after Labor Day
And put up a Halloween tree

Sure, I sing Christmas songs in summer
Make chili on a really hot day
Eat ice cream in the dead of winter
Run in the yard on a rainy day

I like to eat cold pizza for breakfast
And cereal in the middle of the night
Go some days without getting dressed
Don't care if I look a sight

When doing errands, I dress like a lady
Don't go for those faddish clothes
My shoes and purses always match
And there's never a run in my hose

Guess that makes me the odd one, though
In a world of running shoes and jeans
Where it's hard to tell the women from the men
They're the ones that don't know beans

Yep, I'll always do things my own way
And that's a plumb natural fact
Shucks, that doesn't mean I'm crazy
But I may be a little bit cracked

Kathleen McCoy Eldridge©
September 2, 2008
All Rights Reserved

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