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Christmas Eve is finally here And the little kids are all excited I'll leave a note with the milk and cookies To make sure I won't be slighted I guess you noticed in your mail I didn't send you a Christmas letter I've really not been good this year But I want to do much better You know it's just Mommy and us kids Since Daddy went to fight the war I saw tears in his eyes at the bus stop And when he left I was really sore I was rude to the kids and teachers At the school where I go each day And when Mommy says to rock the baby I just go in my room and play I don't mind her the way I really should And call her names underneath my breath I try to act all brave and tough When I'm really just scared to death Last night, I heard Mommy crying Kind of soft so we wouldn't know I didn't understand she's lonely too And it hurt her to see Daddy go Oh, Santa, how happy I would be If you could see your way clear To send Daddy safely back to us I'll be a different girl next year So I guess I'd like to make a bargain Kind of like an installment plan If you will bring me just this one thing From now on, I'll do the best I can Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© November 17, 2008 All Rights Reserved share

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