People talk of comfort food But I have a comfort drink I rustle up a cup of hot cocoa Then sit by the fire and think My favorite cocoa recipe Is on the back of the Hershey's™ tin Sure brings back old memories Makes me think of 'way back when I've always liked cool weather And the holiday thoughts it brings Christmas is just around the corner With its lights and candles and things I sit snuggled by the fireplace With my trusty mug at my side And let my subconscious wander Where no fond memories can hide Imagination is my memory book Of people I've known and places I've been Like on a movie screen, I see Friends and loved ones as they were then Sipping my cocoa, I visit the past As through the years I wander Recollecting those old-time treasures Makes the memories all seem fonder Completely immersed in my daydreams It seems as though time has stood still As I relive the years of long ago And the hopes that have been fulfilled My mug is empty; the fire has waned I often wonder where those years went Yet my heart is full; my mind refreshed From an afternoon of time well spent Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© October 16, 2008 All Rights Reserved