Image by Dark Blue Knight

Big brother got a bike for Christmas And gave his old scooter to Buddy To him it was like a dream come true Though the thing was all rusted and muddy No longer would Buddy have to beg His brothers and sisters for a ride On their various trikes and bikes and such And his little chest swelled with pride The youngest kid in a family of ten Buddy thought, "Now, I'll know how it feels. To be a big boy and ride around On my very own set of wheels!" Buddy cleaned and spit and polished Until his scooter looked just like new Then headed it for the sidewalk Like he'd seen all the big kids do Gliding along in the warm sunshine With the breeze blowing in his face Buddy rode up to a boy named Hank Who challenged him to a race Hank grinned and sneered because he knew Buddy wouldn't turn down such a dare Ready! Set! Go! And Hank took off Leaving Buddy still standing there That's the long and the short of the scooter race Hank never understood it fully All Buddy did was turn the other cheek 'Cause that's the way he dealt with a bully Turning his precious scooter toward home Buddy decided he had had enough Our little hero was only four years old And missing his afternoon nap was tough Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© September 5, 2008 All Rights Reserved