In Memory of Lena... Mother sent Lena to the Company Store With a dime and a very small list She was told to buy two mouse traps Pretty soon, she was sorely missed So Junior trudged to Freeburn after her And there she was by a gumball machine It seems they were out of mouse traps And Lena wanted that gum she'd seen Getting change from the lady at the counter Lena now had five pennies and a nickel If Mother ever found out what she'd done That little girl would be in a pickle Junior told her she had better not do it But stubborn Lena put a penny in the slot Out came a bright red gumball Mother's dime had just gone to pot Lena wanted her brother to have one too And decided to spend a penny for another But Junior knew if they wasted that money There'd be heck to pay from Mother They finally got home and there was Lena Chewing that gum a mile a minute All the while wailing and squalling Hiding her hand with the nine cents in it Mother tried her best to console her Told her everything would be fine Lena stopped bawling and finally confessed "I lost a penny out of that dime!" Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© August 25, 2008 All Rights Reserved

Margi Harrell