Santa Claus had brought the girl A bright red shiny trike Nothing was too good for her She was the family's littlest tyke Bon rode her trike from room to room Then outside when springtime came Riding and smiling day after day Till she fell for a confidence game She and her trike were on the porch Watching the grocery delivery man When he left, he took her trike And placed a quarter in her hand That low-down fella, Chuck Michaels Hatched a plan as soon as he saw it Wanted the trike for his own little girl Said he'd give Bon a quarter for it Daddy noticed she was playing With a brand new silver quarter It was then he began to question His precious wide-eyed daughter Times were tough and Daddy knew That money was hard to get And a little girl of only four Couldn't get a quarter on a bet With tears in her eyes and sobbing She told Daddy what she had done Bon didn't know what "selling" meant And that her trike would be gone Daddy took off walking and cussing All the way to the company store Grabbed that crook by the collar And gave that rascal what for When Daddy came walking up the lane With Bon's little trike in tow You should have seen the happy smile Her little face started to grow That trike ended up in the junk pile As outgrown toys often do By the age of six, it was forgotten Yet those memories still shine through Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© November 13, 2008 All Rights Reserved