Christmas blessings sent to you With love this joyous season Ever mindful of the fact That Jesus is the reason Angels sing and sleigh bells ring Gifts wrapped and bows adorn Shepherds marveled at the sight When a tiny Babe was born Lights twinkle gaily on the tree Red stockings grace the mantel Little ones whisper secrets By the flickering of a candle Jack Frost bites and snowflakes fall Shoppers scurry to and fro Gingerbread in the oven Neighbors stop to say hello Angels heralded the Christ child's birth Worldwide joy is spreading Choirs sing triumphantly Never the reason forgetting Friends and family greetings sent Cheerful holiday cards addressing The truest gift came from Above God's son is our Christmas blessing Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© December 1, 2008 All Rights Reserved


Joy To The World
All Things Christmas

Snow Effect by Kurt Grigg
Courtesy of Dynamic Drive

Top image is from Angelkeeper Designs