My bags are packed; reservations made For my September journey back home I still marvel at the golden wheat fields The color of honey fresh from the comb The country air is different somehow With an atmosphere calm and serene Leaves of gold and red and orange and brown Trees that still have traces of green The crops have all been harvested now Jars of jams and jellies line the shelves Rows and rows of fruits and vegetables Always taste better when we can them ourselves Shocks of fodder dot the now-barren cornfields Bright orange pumpkins peek from hiding places Smoke wafts from the chimney after sundown Chrysanthemums resemble delicate laces When supper is over and the dishes are done String music permeates the cool night air Young and old gather on the front porch to sing As gospel melodies ring glorious there God has created a magnificent autumn landscape Reminiscent of blankets of orange, red and gold All too soon, the horizon will be transformed Into a featherbed of white from winter's cold Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© September 19, 2008 All Rights Reserved

Bob Sorem