One glorious day, I will live in that city With gates of pearl and mansions grand Streams clear and sparkling like diamonds Streets of gold in God's Promised Land I want to join in that Heavenly choir Singing joyously of Heaven's jubilee Live forever surrounded by its beauty In that mansion Jesus prepared for me Life on Earth can be stressful and weary With our lives filled with sorrow and grief One day soon, the suffering will be over The promised rapture to bring sweet relief The golden sun will forever be shining There'll be no death and no tears will be shed Gone will be pain and no hunger will be known At a table where His chosen ones are fed I want to be ready when my time is up To go where many loved ones now wait And rejoice in that happy reunion In that eternity just beyond the gate Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© August 6, 2008 All Rights Reserved

The Eastern Gate
Worship In Song