The jolly old fellow with the long white beard Is getting ready for his yearly outing The elves are busy working 'round the clock While Santa does a bit of scouting He's been reading all the Christmas letters To see who's been naughty or nice Mrs. Claus is baking lots of goodies Filled with nuts and fruits and spice Rudolph is drilling all the reindeer To make sure they're up to the chore Of pulling the sleigh all around the world North to South and shore to shore Santa's been surfing the Internet Planning the long route through MapQuest™ Adding all the newest bells and whistles Had his sleigh equipped with GPS Pretty soon, they'll be getting ready to go Loaded down with toys galore And gifts for those both young and old As he did in days of yore So, if you think there is no Santa Claus Just watch the sky on Christmas Eve Then as long as you stay young at heart You will find it's easy to believe Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© November 19, 2008 All Rights Reserved