Looking at the trees from my kitchen window Branches overloaded with their yield Cherries and apples, both red and golden Add splashes of color to a mostly green field Even as a girl, I loved the fall harvest Especially when the apples were ready to eat I remember biting into a just-picked one With a crunchy sound and juice so sweet Mother could take a bushel of apples Then really give it a run for its money Making pies and dumplings and cobblers And clear, golden jelly the color of honey Rocky makes the absolute best apple pie And every Thanksgiving he bakes one There's also his famous apple cobbler For dessert, when the meal is done I've always had an affinity for apples Even better when there's cinnamon in the mix There's just something about that combination That makes this old gal never say, "Nix!" Of all the fruit in the basket at Christmas The big, shiny apples always catch my eye Recalling memories of Christmases long past Flutters my heartstrings and brings on a sigh One of my favorite things is a yellow delicious apple With a cup of Suisse Mocha to ward off stress Oh, I can find most any excuse to eat one I still go bananas over apples, I guess Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© August 22, 2008 All Rights Reserved