I picked you a very special bouquet Of fall flowers in a colorful array Midst hummingbirds singing And wind that's soon bringing The warmth of a new autumn day When you see them, you won't be depressed I rather hope that you will be impressed So, put on your best bib and tucker And accept my humble succor I'm here to wish you the season's best I heard the neighbor's old rooster crowing The weeds in the garden stopped growing We can sit in the swing and reminisce There won't be many more days such as this Soon, the cold winter wind will be blowing Friend, I know you've had a tough row to hoe Many times, I've seen your tears freely flow You're wrapped in a blanket of grief If you let Him, God will bring you relief You can do lots of living before you go It's very hard to put a smile on your face When you can no longer feel his embrace Don't deprive us of your company, dear Do the best that you can for us here Until you join your beloved in that Heavenly Place Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© August 23, 2008 All Rights Reserved