I need to do the laundry The oven is a mess The toilet bowl needs scrubbing It's a shame, I must confess I heard my 'puter calling It told me, "You've got mail!" But I have to do the dusting And clean the garbage pail A woman's work is never done An old saying tried and true I'd rather surf the Internet So what's a gal to do? My computer gets a lot of my time And requires a bit of tweaking But with all the scans and crashes It's the outlet that I'm seeking The kitchen floor is sticky I should be in there cleaning Housework doesn't interest me Somehow, it's lost its meaning I have to run some errands Not a fun way to spend my time Filling the tank; washing the car When I'd rather be online I reschedule my appointments It seems I have no shame So I sit here playing Scrabble And other computer games I love to check the websites Of friends and read their prose Get lost in a world of make-believe When I should be folding clothes But I'm old and tired of working So my philosophy is this I'll enjoy the time that I have left And throw away my "to-do" list Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© February 25, 2008 All Rights Reserved Click here to send this site to a friend!


Performed by Margi Harrell

Special Thanks to Bev at
Moon & Back Graphics & Photography