No traffic sounds nor honking horns
The ground is covered snowy white
Cold wintry air is strangely calm
On this peaceful January night

Bright winter sun has quietly set
Leaving a regally purple hue
Sitting by a glowing amber fire
Brings memories of you

A cup of mocha sits on the hearth
Warming my hands as I take sips
Remembering the times I sat with you
And the sweet taste of your lips

Still haunted by your loving touch
My heart refuses to let you go
Wanting the feeling but hating the hurt
That comes with missing you so

Half asleep, I start to dream
Imagining you are still with me
Engulfed with loving thoughts of you
In the winter serenity

Kathleen McCoy Eldridge©
January 10, 2008
All Rights Reserved

Winter Morning
From The Heart Postcards