Did you ever stop to think about All the wonders of creation The birds, the trees, the flowers And the gift of total salvation Sometimes, we become complacent And take such things for granted Hoarding our precious possessions With money become enchanted Many people have to lose them To fully appreciate their blessings Missing the water when the well runs dry An old saying worth expressing I'd rather cultivate my friendships Let my family know that I care One of these days, it may be too late And some of us won't be there It's easy to fall into a comfortable rut Then sit and watch the world go by And venture nothing by sitting there Gaining nothing if we don't try I'll get off my backside and visit a friend Instead of sitting here feeling morose Get out and enjoy this wonderful world And all the good things that matter most Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© May 18, 2008 All Rights Reserved



Come Softly To Me
1950s Juke Box

Hand Painted Image and Design Concept
©Ultimate Design Studio
All Rights Reserved
March 2007