Clutching the rail on the highly-polished deck A gentle breeze rustling through her hair She marveled at the cold, sunny, April day And the crispness of the brisk sea air How fortunate to be on the maiden voyage Of a British ship so fine and grand Traveling to America and a future bright She thought as she dreamed of that land Leaving behind no family nor friends A life of drudgery never fancy-free Raised dirt poor becoming strong and brave Yet a sweet, comely lass was she Adventure awaited at the end of the voyage As she daydreamed of what was to be Not knowing that her poor heart yearned For a land she would never see Joining hundreds of souls as fate intervened Lost in an ocean so wide and deep Her girlish dreams never realized She rests forever now in God's keep Kathleen McCoy Eldridge January 22, 2008 All Rights Reserved